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You think that your smile is not perfect but unsure of what to do to correct them?

At Casa Dental, we understand every patients’ different need thus we will do our best to recommend the best treatment options according to your lifestyle facial structure.

There are a few options to straighten your teeth. For the most discreet way of teeth straightening, Invisalign is the popular choice among students and professionals.

Smile Makeover for Cosmetic Treatments

We believe that having a nice and healthy set of teeth is essential as it can bring out the smile and confidence in individual. Our dentists are committed 

At Casa Dental, a smile makeover is planned ahead of time. Each smile makeover is one-of-a-kind, because each of us has our own teeth, smile, facial structure and colouring. Our Cosmetic Dentists are passionate about transforming smiles, and empowering people to overcome their dental fear to achieving the dental health and smile they deserve. We focus on pain free solutions, changing one smile at a time. 

Cosmetic Options

You can choose from many possible treatment options, having just one or two, or as many as needed to achieve your smile goals. To understand your circumstances, we will need to conduct a comprehensive consultation. During this consultation, we will provide an examination and listen to what you want before we offer some possible treatment options.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain veneers– To give new shape, colour and front surface to teeth
Dental bonding– To make any small repairs like gaps, chips or stains
Porcelain fillings or tooth-coloured fillings– To replace old metal fillings
Gum recontouring– To reveal more of your pearly-white smile
Porcelain crowns– To give weakening teeth a new lease on life


Invisalign is the ideal solution for patients who would prefer a more discreet yet effective alternative to traditional fixed metal braces when looking close the gaps in their teeth.Removeable, custom made, clear orthodontic aligners that have a similar completion time to traditional fixed braces. We use computer technology to create your custom made changing of aligners according to your biological response from the last. These aligners move your natural teeth with gradual force to achieve your ideal positioning of teeth and smile and help to adjust your bite and close your gaps.

Orthodontics (Metal Braces, Clear Braces, Lingual Braces)

Traditional metal braces are the most well known orthodontic treatment for a reason; they have been successful at treating misaligned teeth for years.

Orthodontics place pressure on the teeth to move them into their final desired position. They are often the cheapest and fastest treatment option to straighten teeth effectively.There are other varieties of braces available, these include the more discrete option Ceramic Braces and braces that go on the inside of your teeth called Lingual Braces.

 How long the treatment takes to be carried out in our practice may vary depending on your individual conditions.

Naturally, some dental procedures may cause some discomfort depending on treatment type and individual pain threshold. 

We endeavour to ensure you you are as comfortable as possible during treatments and offer sedation options for those fearful of treatment, so you can wake up to your new smile without feeling a thing!