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All You Need to Know About Metal Braces in Singapore

A perfect smile is within reach! In Singapore, metal braces are a popular and effective solution for those seeking a healthy smile and straighter teeth. If you’re considering getting one, this comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about metal braces in Singapore, including their cost, benefits, treatment process, care tips, and other relevant information. So, are you ready to go over on a life-changing journey to achieve the smile of your dreams? Let’s get started!

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Different types of braces are available in Singapore to cater to different dental needs. You can find removable clear aligners and those fixed to the teeth, such as self-ligating, tooth-coloured ceramic, lingual, and reliable and ever-popular traditional metal braces.

With a myriad of orthodontic options, teens and adults can choose the type of braces that suit their preferences and orthodontic requirements.

Now, let’s get to know more about metal braces. So, what exactly are metal braces?

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Metal braces have been a trusted and effective orthodontic treatment option for decades. They are composed of brackets, archwires, and elastic bands. Brackets are small metal squares attached to each tooth and linked with an archwire. The archwire, made of thin metal, is affixed to the brackets and serves to apply pressure to move the teeth into their ideal positions, whether they are baby teeth or permanent teeth. Elastic bands or ligatures connect the brackets to the metal wire, applying additional pressure to move the teeth.

Metal braces components work together to gradually move teeth into their desired positions, correcting various teeth alignment issues. These include:

These dental problems could be caused by some factors such as genetics, chronic teeth grinding, thumb sucking, or frequent tongue thrusting. With proper care and maintenance, metal dental braces can enhance your misaligned teeth, appearance, and overall health, boosting your self-esteem and body image.

Additionally, traditional braces have evolved over the years, becoming more comfortable and efficient. With advancements in technology and materials, metal braces continue to be a popular option for patients seeking a reliable and affordable means to achieve a confident smile.

How Metal Braces Work to Straighten Teeth

Metal braces apply continuous pressure to the teeth, gradually shifting them into their correct alignment. This pressure exerted by the brace components results in the resorption of bone on the side being compressed and the deposition of bone on the opposite side.

Metal Braces Available in Singapore

Here are the common types of orthodontic appliances used to straighten teeth, which utilise metal or stainless steel materials:

Traditional Metal Braces. These are the common types of braces. They consist of small metal brackets bonded to the teeth’ front surface. An archwire is threaded through the brackets to apply gentle pressure and gradually shift the teeth into the desired position.

Self-Ligating Braces. These braces have a unique design that eliminates the need for elastic bands to hold the wire in place. Self-ligating brackets have a built-in mechanism that holds the archwire, allowing for smooth adjustments and potentially reducing the number of required dental visits.

Lingual Braces. Theyare similar to metal braces but have one significant difference – they are placed on the back surface of the teeth, making them virtually invisible from the front. Lingual braces are custom-made to fit each patient’s teeth and can be an option for those who desire a discreet treatment.

Advantages of Metal Braces

Metal braces offer several advantages and great features that make them popular in Singapore.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Metal braces are typically an affordable choice in Singapore. They are less likely to incur additional repair costs because these braces require less maintenance and are not prone to staining and breaking off, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious patients.

2. Versatility

Metal braces are suitable for people in Singapore of all ages. They can effectively treat a wide range of dental issues, from mild to severe cases of misalignments, as mentioned above. The versatility of metal braces ensures that they can provide a comprehensive solution for patients with different orthodontic needs. 

3. Customisation

Teen girl wearing colored metal braces -

Metal braces can be customised to suit individual requirements, preferences and lifestyles. Patients can choose from a variety of coloured brace bands, allowing for personalisation and a touch of fun during their braces journey. This adaptability makes metal braces popular for those seeking tailored and effective orthodontic treatment.

4. Durability

Metal braces are good for bigger teeth adjustments as they are constructed from more durable materials and are less prone to breakage compared to other types of braces. High-quality stainless steel material ensures that metal braces can stand up to the pressure required for moving teeth, making them a reliable option for orthodontic treatment.

Things to Consider for Metal Braces

To make an informed decision, it is important to consider some drawbacks of metal braces:

  • More noticeable compared to other braces – clear aligners or ceramic braces;
  • May cause less or temporary discomfort and soreness during the initial days and after adjustments; and
  • Difficulty in cleaning, as braces can trap food particles.

Getting Metal Braces: The Journey Towards a Perfect Smile

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Your journey towards a perfect smile with metal braces involves several steps, including consultation and diagnosis, installation and adjustment, and retention stage and post-treatment care.

Do note that before starting the treatment, it is essential to discuss your payment options and insurance coverage with the dental clinic (or with our dentist) to find a suitable arrangement.

Consultation and Diagnosis

During the consultation and diagnosis stage, our dentist will assess your dental condition and create a personalised treatment plan to address your specific needs. This process may include taking X-rays, impressions, and photographs of your teeth to diagnose any misalignment issues. An early assessment can also help our dentist direct the growth of your jaw and the emergence of your permanent teeth, ensuring the appropriate possible result for your treatment. Our dentist will also determine if metal braces are the right option for you.

Throughout this process, it is essential to communicate openly with our dentist, discussing any concerns or preferences you may have. This collaboration will help ensure that your treatment plan is tailored to your unique dental needs and goals, setting you on the path to a perfect smile.

Installation and Adjustment

Once your treatment plan has been finalised, our dentist will install your metal braces – attach the metal brackets to your teeth and connect the archwire. Following the initial installation, you will need to attend regular check-ups with our dentist to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your braces. The frequency of these visits will depend on your treatment plan.

During these appointments, our dentist may tighten your braces, adjust the archwire, and replace any damaged components if there is loss or breakage in brackets or elastic ligatures. It’s crucial to keep your scheduled appointments and follow our dentist’s recommendations to ensure the success of your treatment.

Retention Phase and Post-Treatment Care

After removing your metal braces, you will enter the retention phase and post-treatment care. During this stage, you will be provided with retainers to wear, which help maintain the new positions of your teeth and protect your investment in your smile. Retainers may be removable or fixed, depending on your needs and preferences.

In addition to wearing retainers, practising good oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining the health and appearance of your teeth. This includes brushing and flossing regularly, using fluoride toothpaste and antiseptic mouthwash, and visiting our clinic for regular check-ups and cleanings. Our dentist will also provide additional post-treatment instructions after the procedure.

Moving on, let’s now explore the cost of metal braces in Singapore.

Metal Braces Cost in Singapore

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One of the common concerns of individuals considering orthodontic treatment is the cost. The cost of metal braces in Singapore can vary based on several factors, including the severity of the dental issue, the complexity of the treatment, the dentist’s reputation, the dental clinic’s location, and if there are additional procedures.

On average, the cost of metal braces in Singapore ranges from $3,800 + GST. In some dental clinics, the cost of braces treatment may not include dental X-rays, consultation fees, and other add-on treatments such as teeth polishing, fluoride treatment, additional elastic bands or brackets, and a set of retainers after the treatment. It is important to note that the cost of braces is a long-term investment in your dental health and overall well-being.

To make your orthodontic treatment more accessible, many dental clinics in Singapore offer flexible payment plans, allowing patients to spread the cost over several months. Some dental insurance plans may also cover a portion of the orthodontic treatment, reducing out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

Casa Dental, Singapore, offers a convenient payment plan with a 0% instalment option. To lessen the cost burden, we also allow our patients to pay via all major credit cards – UOB, OCBC, and DBS – with 0% interest instalments.

Medical assistant and Insurance card —

Additionally, we have partnered with various insurance providers in Singapore, including AXA, AIA, MHC, IHP, Allianz, Innova, DA Adept, and more. Therefore, our patients can use their Dental Insurance cards provided they have a valid member ID to validate their membership with the specific dental insurance company.

Please do note that braces are not MediSave claimable because this does not entail surgical procedures. Moreover, the procedures and costs associated with metal braces treatments can vary based on individual circumstances. We recommended consulting with our dentists for an accurate assessment and a personalised cost estimate.

Keeping Your Metal Braces in Good Condition

Orthodontic model and dentist tool -

Taking care of your metal braces and oral health is essential for successful treatment and preventing complications. Adhering to a diligent oral care routine and following your dentist’s recommendations can help ensure your braces treatment proceeds smoothly and effectively.

Here are some care tips for metal braces:

1. Attend Regular Check-Ups

Stick to your scheduled follow-up appointments for adjustments and monitoring. Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that your treatment progresses as planned.

2. Report Brace Issues

If you experience any issues with your metal braces, such as broken wires or loose brackets, it is ideal to contact your dentist immediately to schedule a repair appointment.

3. Brush and Floss Regularly

Maintain oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal to remove food debris and plaque. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean around the brackets and wires thoroughly. Floss daily to clean between the teeth and around the braces. These will also help stop tooth decay and prevent gum disease.

4. Avoid Certain Foods

Avoid sticky, hard, and crunchy foods that can damage your metal brace. Examples of foods that easily get into the brackets or bend the wires are crunchy vegetables, meats, nuts, sticky candies, and gum.

In Summary

Metal braces are an effective and affordable option for achieving a beautiful, confident smile in Singapore. With their versatility, durability, and proven success in treating a wide range of dental issues, metal braces continue to be a popular option for orthodontic treatment. By understanding the information above, you can make an informed decision. So, why wait any longer? If you are considering metal braces in Singapore, consult a dentist today and take the first step towards a healthier, more attractive smile that will last a lifetime.

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