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How to use Medisave for Dental Treatment

Patient in an appointment for her oral health

Our oral health is vital to your overall well-being; getting the right dental treatments can make all the difference. However, dental treatments can be expensive, which is why many people look for ways to offset the costs. That’s where Medisave comes in.

Medisave is a national medical savings scheme in Singapore designed to help Singapore citizens and permanent residents save for their healthcare needs. It helps Singaporean and permanent residents set aside their CPF Medisave account from their monthly income.

Medisave can be used for a wide range of medical expenses, including dental treatment. Casa Dental is a Medisave-accredited clinic for dental surgical treatments that can help you save money on your dental procedures.

To be eligible to use Medisave for dental treatment, you must meet certain criteria, including age, citizenship or permanent residency status, and MediShield Life coverage. Once eligibility is confirmed, you can claim a certain amount from your Medisave account for Medisave-approved dental services, including wisdom tooth surgery, dental surgeries, and implant surgery.

The process of claiming Medisave for dental treatment can be confusing, but our blog post will provide an informative guide on how to make a successful claim. You’ll learn about the dental services covered under Medisave, the amount that can be claimed, and the necessary documents required to make a claim. We have the information you need as to what to expect in making the most of your Medisave account for dental surgical expenses.

So, if you’re considering dental treatment and want to learn more about using Medisave to help offset the costs, keep reading! We’re excited to share this valuable information with you.

Eligibility of Using Medisave

In order to be eligible to use Medisave for dental treatment, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident (PR).
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have MediShield Life coverage (if applicable).
  • Have sufficient balance in Medisave account. If you are not a Medisave account holder or if you have insufficient balance in your Medisave account, you can utilise the Medisave account of one of your immediate family members.

Dental Services Covered by Medisave

While Medisave is designed to help Singapore citizens and permanent residents, offset the costs of medical treatment, not all treatments are eligible for Medisave claims. It is because certain dental services may not be deemed medically necessary or beneficial to the patient’s health. Medisave is only claimable for dental treatments if it involves surgical procedures.

Medisave Claimable

Some Medisave claimable services include:

  • Wisdom tooth Surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Gum surgeries
  • Bone grafting
  • Gum grafting or surgery
  • Retained roots (removal through surgery)
  • Sinus lift
  • Crown lengthening
  • Surgical removal of fractured teeth

Not Claimable by Medisave

Medisave claimable dental treatments are not applicable for non-surgical, cosmetic or aesthetic dental treatments such as:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Braces
  • Dental crowns
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Non-surgical root canal treatments


You can have a subsidised rate for non-surgical dental treatments if you have CHAS/PG/MG card.

How to Claim Medisave in Surgical Treatment

Young lady asking information in filling form for Medisave Claim in Dental Clinic Reception Office

Appointment booking

Book an appointment with the doctor for an initial consultation to assess your condition and suggest treatments. You will be advised if treatment is Medisave claimable. When undergoing a Medisave claimable dental surgery, you can choose to pay a partial cost.

Initial consultation

On your appointment, you or the account holder will need to completely fill up and sign the Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF) before the surgery. Please bring the ID of you or the immediate family member that will be utilising their account for verification purposes.

Verification and processing

The medical institution will need to verify if you have a sufficient balance in your Medisave account over the counter using Singpass. Once verified, the dental clinic will submit a Medisave claim, deducting the Medisave claimable amount from the account. You will receive Medisave Claims Statement once the payment has been processed.

Medisave Dental Claim Offer by Casa Dental

At Casa Dental, we understand that dental treatments can be expensive. That’s why we provide our patients the best possible care and affordability. To make things even easier, we offer you various options when it comes to claiming your dental treatments.

With our Medisave Dental Claim Offer, you can now make use of your Medisave funds to offset the cost of the following dental treatments:

Amount to be paid under MediSave

Medisave Claimable Dental Services Claim Amount
Dental Implant Insertion Up to $1,250 per tooth
Dental Implant Removal Up to $750 per tooth
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – Single Tooth Up to $1,250
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – 2 to 3 Teeth Up to $2,150
Guided Bone Regeneration Up to $1,250
Crown Lengthening Up to $650
Sinus Lifting Surgery From $1,250 to $1,550
Surgical Consumables Up to $300

Medisave Claim FAQs

Is root canal Medisave claimable?

No. Root canal treatment is not considered a surgical procedure by the Ministry of Health (MOH) table of surgical procedures.

Are braces medisave claimable?

No. Braces or orthodontic treatments are not considered surgical procedures. Medisave claims for dental treatments are for surgical procedures only. As such, orthodontic treatments as cosmetic procedures are not claimable.

Can I use Medisave for tooth extraction?

It depends. If the extraction requires surgery, it is claimable. However, for non-surgical extraction, it is not claimable.

Can I use Medisave for Dental?

Yes. Medisave can be used for certain dental surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth surgery and dental implants. However, non-surgical procedures such as braces or orthodontic treatments are not claimable. For more details on the types of dental procedures that can be claimed with Medisave, refer to the MOH table of surgical procedures.

Let Us Help You in Taking Care of Your Dental Health

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