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Invisalign Singapore: Cost and Treatment Plan

Invisalign has emerged as the perfect choice for teeth straightening in Singapore, gaining popularity for its effectiveness and discreet approach compared to traditional braces.

 Offering comparable or even greater results to metal braces, Invisalign has become a preferred method for achieving a straighter smile without the visible presence of braces.
The transparent plastic aligner wear not only delivers efficient teeth straightening within a shorter timeframe but also eliminates the discomfort and embarrassment associated with conventional braces. This means you can undergo the treatment options with confidence, knowing that the aligners are virtually invisible.

If you're contemplating whether Invisalign is the right option for you, consider the insights from our smile experts, who specialise in this innovative orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign, a revolutionary clear aligner system, has rapidly gained global recognition for its transformative approach to correcting dental alignment and occlusion issues. Developed with precision and innovation, Invisalign aligners, available at Casa Dental, have become synonymous with discreet and effective teeth straightening.

The Clear Aligners' journey to global recognition began with its commitment to addressing the limitations of traditional braces. The breakthrough lay in creating a clear aligner, offering an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. This align technology not only appealed to those seeking a less conspicuous option but also provided a solution for individuals with different dental treatments and needs.

Invisalign's success stems from its versatile correction of dental issues, promoting balanced occlusion, and preventing problems like loose teeth and headaches. These aligners efficiently address misalignments, enhancing both dental aesthetics and overall oral health.

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Casa Dental ensures to provide the first-class service to a wide range of clientele including local and expatriate patients from young to old.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign aligners are the new comfortable dental solution, created by cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, especially for you. The Invisalign clear aligners effortlessly fit your teeth and are made of transparent and refined plastic material. The treatment involves wearing each set of aligners for approximately two weeks, facilitating a gradual and precise teeth movement to achieve the desired positioning. The treatment duration depends on each case's intricacies and typically lasts 12 to 18 months.

One of the notable advantages of Invisalign aligners lies in their inconspicuous nature, making them virtually invisible to others when you smile. Additionally, their removable feature allows for taking them out during meals and engaging in oral care routines such as gentle pressure on brushing and flossing. This unique characteristic will make your Invisalign journey enjoyable, as you will get to eat your favourite foods and maintain good oral hygiene at the same time.

Normal Bite



Deep Bite


Excessive Spacing


Open Bite

Benefits of Invisalign

Address Various Dental Alignment Issues

Invisalign effectively corrects diverse dental bite issues, including open bite, deep bite, crossbite, excessive overjet, crowded teeth, and spaced teeth. Achieving a well-aligned bite enhances aesthetics and promotes better oral health, reducing the risk of gum diseases and dental decay.

Aesthetic Appeal

Invisalign's clear aligner trays provide a visually discreet alternative to metal braces. Ideal for those with aesthetic concerns or specific job requirements, Invisalign allows individuals to align their teeth without drawing attention, offering a solution that looks better and feels better.

Enhanced Comfort

Made from smooth plastic, Invisalign aligners offer exceptional comfort against the lips and cheeks. The absence of sharp edges minimizes the risk of ulcers, and the gentle forces applied to teeth result in minimal patient discomfort during treatment.

Removable Convenience

Invisalign aligners are completely removable, allowing patients to maintain regular oral hygiene practices without hindrance. There are no dietary restrictions, as patients can remove the aligners for eating, brushing, and flossing, reducing the chances of food getting stuck.

Time-Efficient Treatment

Invisalign requires fewer visits to the dentist's office compared to traditional braces. Review appointments are typically scheduled every six to eight weeks. In some cases, as the treatment progresses, patients may even have the flexibility to skip regular reviews, saving valuable time.

Predictable Outcomes

Invisalign employs Clincheck software to visualise and plan treatment outcomes. This transparency allows both dentists and patients to understand and anticipate the expected results, fostering informed decision-making and ensuring satisfaction with the outcome.

Invisalign vs Fixed Braces

Here's an in-depth look at the differences between clear aligners and fixed braces:

  • Invisalign clear tray aligners are almost invisible.
  • Easily removable when necessary, such as when brushing or eating
  • No discomfort or pain associated with metal braces
  • No hindrance to tooth brushing or flossing, resulting in improved oral hygiene
  • Well-defined treatment strategy using 3D simulation software
  • Cost-efficient; fewer dental follow-up visits
Fixed Braces
  • Fixed braces are noticeable, which can affect your confidence
  • Unremovable until the treatment completion
  • Discomforting and painful
  • Inability to floss due to metal wires, which complicates the effort required for oral hygiene
  • No before and after computer simulation plan that can clearly show the treatment procedure

Why Choose Casa Dental for Invisalign in Singapore?

Invisalign Diamond Provider since 2017

Casa Dental has been an Invisalign Diamond Provider since 2017. It is the highest level of certification any Invisalign provider can achieve. Furthermore, our Invisalign dentists are well-trained in treating all types of dental crowding problems - from simple to complex cases.


Approximately 90% of our Invisalign patients do not require extraction. We will always provide the best-customized treatment plan to suit our patient's aesthetic goals.

Barely Noticeable

Invisalign is virtually invisible, which gives you more confidence. Invisalign can make you smile naturally and comfortably at all times.

No-Diet Restrictions

With Invisalign, there are no diet restrictions, unlike with metal braces. As a result, you can enjoy all of your favourite foods while undergoing treatment.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Because the aligners are removable, you can brush and floss your teeth, as usual, promoting good oral hygiene.


Invisalign uses a medical-grade, multilayer polyurethane plastic specifically engineered to provide more effective tooth movement. Wearing it is a breeze because it is quick and simple, which improves the overall treatment experience for patients.

Casa Dental Invisalign Treatment Process


During the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and explain to you how Invisalign works, including its various benefits as well as the costs.


Once a patient decided to start Invisalign, the dentist will use a dental scanner such as iTero Intraoral Scanner to capture a complete 3D impression of your teeth.


Clincheck planning involves digitally designing the sequencing and individual movement of each aligner, the number of attachments required, any adjustment of tooth shape if necessary, and how long the treatment will take.
Once the clincheck plan is finalised, your dentist will schedule an appointment with you, explain how the treatment will be carried out, and showcase the virtual final result.
The ClinCheck software enables patients to visualise how their teeth will look before the treatment starts, making it an excellent communication tool.


Once the aligners arrive in Singapore, dentists will issue them to their patients according to the Clincheck plan. The patient must wear the aligners in chronological order. In most cases, patients must change to a new aligner every two weeks, but sometimes they can choose to speed up at the discretion of the treating dentist.
Patients must wear the aligners according to their dentist's instructions. Failing to do so will cause discomfort as well as a suboptimal result.


Regular follow-up appointments are necessary to let the dentist monitor teeth movement progress. If patients cannot present physically for their appointments, they can use digital intra-oral photos or videos to communicate with their dentist.
Moreover, your dentists may perform interproximal reduction if required during follow-up appointments. Interproximal reduction involves polishing off a tiny portion of a tooth structure, usually no more than 2 mm per tooth surface, to create the space required for resolving crowding issues.
Some teeth will also require attachments to move more efficiently. Attachments are very similar to brackets we use in metal braces, except they are tooth-coloured, much smaller, and custom-planned.


Once Invisalign is completed, it is necessary to wear retainers (night-time wear only) to maintain stable alignment. In addition, regular, half-yearly professional dental cleaning is encouraged to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Invisalign Cost Singapore

At Casa Dental, we understand the importance of transparency regarding the cost of Invisalign treatment. Below, we provide an overview of the price range for Invisalign at Casa Dental:
The entire treatment may cost you S$5,500, depending on the complexity and orthodontic devices used to achieve a new smile.

Invisalign Treatment Cost

S$5,500 and up

The provided price range is an estimate and may vary based on individual treatment requirements and dental conditions. Prices are subject to change, and consulting with our dental experts for a personalised quote is recommended. The cost may or may not include additional services such as retainers, professional cleaning, or other orthodontic treatments.

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Invisalign Plans You Can Avail in Singapore

Experience the transformative power of Invisalign, a discreet teeth-straightening solution designed for all ages. In Singapore, the cost-effective and versatile treatment ensures a comfortable journey to a confident and beautifully aligned smile. Tailored plans, regular check-ups, and a focus on maintaining good oral hygiene make the Invisalign system a preferred choice over traditional braces, offering a smooth path to a new smile.


The Invisalign Comprehensive Plan, also called the 'Full' Invisalign treatment, is specifically tailored for patients requiring a substantial tooth-position adjustment to attain their desired smile. This comprehensive approach addresses complex dental issues such as crowding, spacing, and misalignments. The plan ensures that both the dentist and the patient have access to as many aligners as necessary throughout the treatment process to achieve the ultimate goal of an ideal smile.

This customised treatment, offered in Singapore, caters to diverse dental needs, making it suitable for individuals dealing with various conditions, including teeth misalignment and spacing concerns. The Invisalign Comprehensive Plan aligns with the patient's unique requirements, allowing for a more extensive and flexible treatment experience. The comprehensive approach aims to solve complex dental challenges, emphasising the adaptability of Invisalign to address individual needs.


The Invisalign Moderate plan is designed for cases classified as moderately complex, indicating a level of difficulty that is not highly intricate or challenging to treat. This plan encompasses up to 26 sets of Invisalign aligners fit and is recommended when your Invisalign-accredited dentist is confident in achieving your perfect and ideal smile within this set. It is a suitable option for those with moderate teeth alignment concerns, offering an approach to address specific dental needs without requiring an extensive number of aligners.

This plan, available in Singapore, aligns with patients in the moderately complex category, providing a comprehensive yet focused treatment strategy. With a maximum of 26 sets of aligners, the Invisalign Moderate plan ensures a balanced and efficient approach to achieving optimal results. It is a testament to the adaptability of Invisalign, allowing for a customised treatment that suits individual dental conditions and requirements.


The Invisalign Express plan is specifically crafted for cases requiring minimal adjustments or addressing relapse situations in patients who previously underwent orthodontic treatment. Ideal for those with minor dental concerns, this plan involves only 7 sets of aligners. It is particularly suitable for individuals seeking a concise and focused solution to enhance their smile, catering to those with limited movement requirements or those seeking corrective measures post-prior orthodontic treatment.

In Singapore, the Invisalign Express plan provides an efficient approach, aligning with patients who need only subtle improvements. With a limited number of aligners, this plan is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, offering a convenient option for individuals with minor teeth alignment considerations. It is a testament to Invisalign's versatility, ensuring tailored solutions for various dental needs while maintaining a straightforward and accessible treatment process.


The Invisalign Lite plan encompasses a concise treatment approach, utilising up to 14 aligners. This plan is tailored for patients with mild crowding, spacing, and misalignments, particularly those not requiring extractions, for efficiency and effectiveness.

However, for patients prioritising aesthetics and seeking a more refined outcome, opting for the Invisalign Moderate plan proves advantageous. With more aligners available, the moderate plan offers the flexibility needed for finer adjustments during the later stages of treatment. This enables the dentist to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing final result, addressing cosmetic concerns with precision and attention to detail.

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Invisalign Singapore FAQs

Is Invisalign painful?

Invisalign is far less painful than traditional braces. Occasionally, patients may experience mild tightness while fitting on a new set of aligners. Feeling some tightness is entirely normal and will pass in a few days. In most cases, patients report no discomfort at all.

How long will the treatment last?

The average treatment time with Invisalign is six months. However, depending on the severity of the case, it may take longer.

What is the treatment process?

Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation with an Invisalign-trained doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your smile and then map out a precise, customized digital treatment plan that showcases the step-by-step transformation of your smile.

Once you approve your plan, your unique aligners will be created. You will wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, changing to a new set of aligners every 1 to 2 weeks, as directed by your doctor. Each set of aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place, according to your treatment plan, until you reach your beautiful new smile.

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

Treatment cost depends on the severity of your case and the number of aligners required.

How should I care for my aligners?

Brush them thoroughly with toothpaste before rinsing them with water in the morning and night. Don't use hot water as it might permanently deform the plastic.

Make sure to brush and floss your teeth before putting them back on and ensure that no food debris gets stuck in the trays.

Finally, remember to keep your aligners in their cases when not in use. You may have to remove your aligners several times throughout the day, especially when eating or brushing your teeth. However, please do not leave them anywhere or risk losing them. Keep the case with you at all times to keep your aligners safe and clean.

Let Us Help You in Taking Care of Your Dental Health

Casa Dental ensures to provide the first-class service to a wide range of clientele including local and expatriate patients from young to old.

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