Casa Signature Implant Supported Denture

Casa implant-supported denture is a very good option and highly customisable option for patients who are looking for better denture experience (stable and functional)

It usually involves placement of 4 dental implants on upper and lower jaw (Implants number vary and tailored to the needs of patients and budget). These implants provide stabilization of the denture for functional purpose and at the same time, preserve the underlying bone.

What makes Casa implant-supported denture unique?

1. We use in-house 3D fabricated surgical guide to ensure maximum safety and precision for patients and minimize error during implant surgical procedure

2. By using surgical guide, there will be minimal discomfort with the use of key-hole surgical technique.

3. Casa implant-supported denture, unlike other implant-supported denture, does not require extensive post-operative maintenance and able to last for years without the need to replace parts such as retention coupling, etc

Signature Packages


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