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Emergency Denture Repair in Singapore: 3 Issues and What To Do?

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Dentures are oral appliances that replace missing teeth and require proper care to maintain their functionality and appearance. Despite diligent care, unexpected damage to dentures can occur, such as cracking, chipping, or breaking. Prompt action is crucial in the event of emergency denture repairs to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life and prevent further complications.

Common Denture Issues Requiring Emergency Repair

Dentures, while durable and designed for daily use, are not impervious to damage. When dentures break, they can significantly impact a person’s ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Here are some common denture issues that often require emergency repair:

Cracks and Fractures

Cracks and fractures in dentures can occur due to accidental drops, grinding of teeth, or even natural wear and tear over time. Cracked or broken dentures can compromise the structural integrity of the dentures, making them less effective at their intended function. Additionally, cracks and fractures can create sharp edges that may injure the mouth, necessitating immediate attention.

Lost or Broken Teeth

Denture problems - lost teeth

Lost or broken teeth on dentures typically result from trauma, such as an accidental impact, or from weakening of the material over time. Promptly fixing lost or broken teeth is crucial to maintaining the proper alignment and functionality of the dentures. Ignoring such issues can lead to difficulty in chewing food and can affect speech clarity.

Loose or Ill-Fitting Dentures

Loose or ill-fitting dentures are often a result of changes in the oral structure, such as gum resorption, or due to a poor initial fit. This condition can cause significant discomfort, leading to sore spots and potential oral health problems like infections or ulcers. Regular adjustments and timely repairs are essential to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

What to Do in a Denture Emergency

Broken Denture base

Remaining calm in a denture emergency is vital to prevent any further damage and to ensure a clear-headed approach to resolving the issue. Then, follow these steps to manage the situation effectively:

  • Locate all denture pieces carefully: It is important to find all parts of the broken denture to prepare for repair.
  • Rinse the pieces with clean water: Gently rinse the denture pieces under running water to clear away any debris.
  • Store the pieces safely in a moistened container (optional): This helps to keep the denture materials in good condition until you can arrange for professional repair.

DIY Repairs: A No-Go

Attempting to fix broken dentures at home using household adhesives or other home remedies can be dangerously ineffective. DIY repairs often lead to dentures breaking further, an improper fit that causes irritation, and the risk of ingesting toxic materials from unsuitable glue.

Seek Professional Help for Emergency Repairs

When faced with a denture emergency, it is paramount to have dentures repaired by a dentist.

Professional care ensures that your dentures are restored to their optimal condition, safeguarding your oral health and maintaining the functionality of your prosthetic device. A skilled dentist can accurately diagnose the problem, utilise appropriate materials, and execute the repair with precision, thereby avoiding further complications that could arise from improperly repaired dentures.

Casa Dental offers specialised emergency denture repair services, demonstrating its commitment to providing fast and reliable solutions for those in need. They handle a variety of denture issues, ensuring that you receive prompt and effective care to minimise disruption to your daily life.

Common Repair Procedures

Emergency denture repairs can vary in complexity depending on the extent and type of damage; here are some common repair options offered by dentists:

Simple Repairs:

  • Relining: Refitting the denture base to better align with the gums for improved comfort and fit.
  • Minor Cracks: Sealing small cracks to restore the structural integrity of the denture.

Complex Repairs:

  • Major Fractures: Repairing significant breaks in the denture structure to ensure its full functionality.
  • Clasp Replacements: Replacing broken clasps on partial dentures to secure them in place effectively.

In some cases, the damage to the dentures may be extensive enough that replacement is more appropriate than repair.

Cost of Emergency Denture Repair

The cost of emergency denture repair can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the required repair. For precise cost estimates, it is advisable to contact your dentist directly.

How To Prevent Future Emergencies


While emergencies can sometimes be unavoidable, there are several ways to minimise the risk of breakage and other issues with your dentures. Proper denture care helps maintain their longevity and functionality. Here are some tips to help prevent future emergencies:

  • Handle dentures with care during cleaning and insertion/removal: Always clean your dentures over a soft towel or water in a basin to avoid damage if they are accidentally dropped. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solutions and a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratches and wear.
  • Store dentures in a proper denture case when not in use: When you are not wearing your dentures, keep them in a moistened denture case to avoid drying out and maintain their shape. Avoid leaving them in hot water or wrapping them in tissue where they could be easily damaged or lost.
  • Schedule regular dental checkups for professional cleaning and adjustments: Regular visits to your dentist are crucial for professional cleaning, which helps to maintain the hygiene of your dentures and oral health. Your dentist can also make necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit, preventing discomfort and potential damage.


In handling emergency denture repairs, it is crucial to locate and rinse all denture pieces, store them safely, and avoid attempting any DIY fixes. Seeking professional help ensures your dentures are properly repaired, and your oral health is maintained. For expert assistance, contact Casa Dental or

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