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How Much Does Dental Implant Cost in Singapore

There are many things to consider when we talk about dental implant costs.

Dental implants are now considered the best option when it comes to restoring badly damaged or lost teeth. Although there are alternatives such as dentures or bridges, dental implants are far more superior in terms of aesthetics, durability, and the quality of life it brings. 

This implant surgical procedure involves replacing the tooth with a titanium body embedded into the jawbone. Over time, the implant will be integrated. As a result, it will function like a natural tooth, and it can be more durable than dentures or bridges. 

As it has a lot more benefits compared to its alternatives, this is logically the best option if you are looking into replacing a lost or damaged tooth. But what are the things that you need to consider and how much is it?

How much does a dental implant cost for one tooth?

model jaw bank with coins money dentist concept

A single dental implant cost in Singapore may range anywhere from $2500 to $6000. In addition, the total cost may vary further due to additional procedures such as bone grafting that may be required. 

Private clinics generally charge $2500 – $6000 per surgical implant procedure, while public hospitals charge less at around $3500-$6000, according to MOH Singapore.

Factors that influence pricing and are dental implants affordable?

We’ve listed down some of the factors that may cause the differences in pricing:

Location and setting of the clinics

Naturally, every dental clinic or institution sets their charges based on what they feel is most fair for the services they can provide to their clients. The most important factor for patients is to choose the clinic or dentist that they are most comfortable or confident in carrying out the dental procedure within their budget.

Implant brands

dentist holding dentures jaw layout white

What implant brands are available? Which brand is the best?

These are one of the most common questions patients ask dentists regularly and not surprisingly. 

While there is no concrete study on how many implants are placed globally, around 12-18 million dental implants are sold annually.  

In Asia ( excluding Japan), Swiss and Korean implants are the most popular, and together, they share 80% of the market. In short, both countries’ implant manufacturers are widely accepted globally as a preferred choice by dentists. However, patients should not hesitate to ask for their own dentists’ professional opinion regarding this matter.

Material for the dental implant crowns (Metal fused to porcelain vs. Full metal vs. Zirconia):

implant crown bridge model

There are no worst or best materials when it comes to restoration. It all depends on the dentist’s preference as well as the patient’s choice. In general, a Full metal crown is highly durable, as you can imagine, but it’s only suitable for areas where aesthetics is not the priority.

Porcelain fused to metal is not as durable as the metal fused ones. This type has a higher risk of chipping off, but it is relatively affordable and satisfies aesthetic needs. 

Zirconia is getting very popular to become the most preferred choice by dentists as it is very durable in strength as well as highly aesthetic. The only disadvantage is that it often costs more than the other two choices.

The way the implant crown is fabricated (Is it Technician handmade? Or is it made through digital cad-cam technology?)

CAD CAM Model Scanner

Traditionally, all implant crowns are made from A-Z by a dental technician; however, crowns can be designed via computer-aided design and fabricated by a dental milling machine with the advancement of technology. The advantage of such technology is obvious. There is lesser human error, faster turnover time, and potentially more superior results.

The way the implant crown is restored (screw-retained VS cement-retained)

There is no right or wrong on which method is better to restore a dental implant crown. But it is worth noting that most dentists will prefer a screw-retained crown whenever it’s physically possible because it provides a channel to remove the restoration with ease in case there is maintenance work required down the road. (Such as repair work, oral hygiene maintenance, or even changing the tooth colour as we age)

Clinician expertise (how often does the dentist perform such procedures?) 

Study shows that practitioners who perform the same procedure at least five times a week have a lower error rate. On top of qualification and experience, one of the most important factors is that a patient needs to have confidence and trust in their dentist’s ability to carry out the procedure for the best clinical outcome. 

So never be afraid to discuss the treatment plan your dentist provides and seek clarification if necessary so trust can be built before the procedure. 

Can I afford dental implants?

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In cases where there are multiple missing teeth, sometimes it’s not necessary to replace every single missing tooth with dental implants. There are many instances where we can link dental implants with dental bridges. Choosing bridges will help the patient lower down the costs. Consult with your dentist about your dental implant treatment plan to find the best approach that fits your needs as well as your budget. 

Can I use Medisave for a dental implant?

Patients can use their Medisave for up to $950 each + $300 on-day surgery cost and more for most clinics. Talk to your dentist, and they’ll surely be happy to give you all the details the procedure entails.

Is there a cheaper alternative to dental implants?

dental hygienist teeth model dentures stomatology instruments blue

Of course, dental bridges and dentures always remain an option for patients when replacing missing teeth. Discuss this with your dentist to understand the pros and cons of each treatment choice. 

There are “Mini-implants” on the market as well. Please note that mini dental implants are not substitutes for regular implants as they have different indications, and not all clinical situations are suitable for mini implants usage. Again, speak to your dentist to find out more. 

Is a dental implant worth it?

Definitely! While it is true that dental implants can be costly, there is no denying that it is well worth it. Consider how often we use our teeth!

Dental implants are treatments aimed at replacing missing teeth permanently. 

It gives you a more natural feel and can be aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning, and the strength of the dental implant ensures you can accept any diet without missing out on all the delicious food.

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