Do not forget to visit your DENTIST

6 months regularly!

We accept major dental insurance (e.g. AIA, IHP, Fullerton Health and more)
CHAS and Baby Bonus Accredited
There may have been a time when you may not have heeded this advice. In fact, some patients think that because they practice good dental hygiene, that visiting their dentist every six months is excessive and unnecessary.

This is a great mistake as regular dental visits and check-ups are essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
Dental Check-up and clean will serve as your PREVENTIVE MEASURE to the following:
Upon your visit, we will be able to advise you about the health of your teeth and gums and then make any recommendations if necessary.

Let Us Help You in Taking Care of Your Dental Health

Casa Dental ensures to provide the first-class service to a wide range of clientele including local and expatriate patients from young to old.
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