Smile Makeover

Casa Dental offers smile makeover. We believe a rejuvenating smile can attract positivity in life.

Not only can your smile be created, but it can also be remade, reshaped, and reconstructed to better match your personality and outlook. The perfect smile is well within reach and it is a worthwhile investment.

A smile makeover is an investment that can last you a lifetime and will boost your confidence.

Each patient is personally evaluated by our dentist using state-of-the-art technology and dental technicians design the perfect smile using IN-HOUSE CADCAM SYSTEM.

Smile makeover is a combination of several dental treatments including

We Create Smile to suit your needs. A smile makeover can solve problem such as:

Why Choose Casa Smile Makeover?

At Casa Dental, patients work hand-in-hand with our dentists to create a smile that will reflect their own personality.
For an enhanced experience, we also use technology that can accurately diagnose each individual patient’s face in relation to their teeth which will result in more aesthetically accurate outcome.

βœ“ FAST
We offer a smile design makeover comfortably with shorter period time as compared to traditional braces

We utilize the technology of DSD (Digital Smile Design) and Trial Smile-To-Order to help our patients to visualize their Smile Makeover during consultation.




Our dentists continuously improving themselves to ensure the best service for our patients.

We offer flexible payment scheme for our Smile Makeover



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