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CT Scan Xray

CBCT (3-D Scan)

Cone beam computed tomography (also known as CBCT, Cone Beam 3D or 3D scan) is a type of dental imaging. This imaging technology enables us to visualise the area of interest, i.e. jaw bone, in multiple dimensions. We can now access imaging information that we could not see on conventional x-ray radiographs.

In Casa Dental, our clinics are equipped with such technology to allow instant diagnosis and treatment planning within the same visit. Our patients do not need to go to an external facility for CBCT and wait for days to get the result.


By using dental CBCT, as opposed to conventional CT scan, we can keep the radiation dosage to the minimum. This is done by scanning only the area of interest and selecting parameters according to patient’s anatomy and our diagnostic needs. This then reduces the exposed area and radiation dosage to patient.

CBCT plays a very important role in the field of dental implant surgery and maxillofacial surgery. This imaging technique allows us to visualise important landmarks in the head and neck area, and to obtain accurate measurements. This also means that you will receive better quality treatment. Treatment will also be carried out in a very safe manner.

Example of usage:

  • Treatment planning for dental implant surgeries.
  • To locate impacted (embedded) teeth.
  • To check important landmarks e.g. nerves, blood vessels, sinuses, etc.
  • Treatment planning for orthodontics.
  • For complex root canal treatment cases – to locate canal openings and to check shape and length of canals.

How is CBCT performed?

The process is very similar to conventional full mouth x-ray (OPG). No special preparation is required for the procedure. Prior to the scan, you will be asked to remove anything that may interfere with the imaging e.g. metal objects in the head and neck region. Most of the time, patients are positioned in an upright, stand-up position. Once in place, the device will rotate around the head. This usually takes about half a minute. You will not experience any pain during a CBCT scan. No dye injection is required for this procedure.

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