What Is Bone Graft

Bone grafting is a procedure to help regenerate bone for dental implant. It involves the placement of grafting material under the gums/bone to encourage bone growth.

Graft materials can be obtained from a few sources including patient’s own jaw, sterilised bone material or synthetic bone.

Common FAQs

When do I need Bone graft for dental implant?

Long term successful implant treatment requires dental implant surrounded by thick healthy bone. Following tooth loss, our jaw bone will shrink as it is no longer supported by teeth. In cases with prolonged loss of tooth or multiple missing teeth, it will cause severe shrinkage of jaw bone. Hence, bone grafting procedure would help to regenerate bone thickness for a successful dental implant placement.

Is bone grafting painful?

Bone grafting is painless and they are carried out under local anaesthesia. For bone grafting procedure involving large area, some degree of swelling and discomfort is expected. However, they are usually well managed with pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medication.

Can bone graft be done for natural tooth?

Yes, it can. However, not all natural tooth condition would benefit from bone grafting. Dental and radiographic examinations would be necessary to determine if bone grafting procedure would benefit patient’s natural tooth condition. In well-chosen cases, bone grafting can help to improve prognosis of tooth with gum/bone diseases, reducing its mobility and improves patient’s chewing capacity.

Financial Consideration

How much is bone grafting and can I pay via Medisave?

Bone grafting starts from $480 onwards and some grafting procedure can be paid via Medisave.