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How Much Does Dental Implant Cost in Singapore

There are many things to consider when you talk about dental implant costs. We have listed the factors that can make it affordable.

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What is a dental implant procedure?

A dental implant procedure includes surgically placing a replacement for damaged tooth & is considered invasive that can cause pain & discomfort.

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How to Treat Crooked Teeth

Do you think that your smile is not perfect but unsure of what to do to correct them? At Casa Dental, we understand every patients’ different needs; thus, we will do our best to recommend the best treatment options according to your lifestyle facial structure. There are a few options to straighten teeth. However, for […]

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How to Treat Cracked Tooth

It is not easy to identify cracked teeth especially when it has almost similar symptoms as other dental issues. Please seek professional help immediately when you suspect that you have cracked teeth so that it won’t deteriorate further. Usually a cracked tooth will cause you to experience some pain and discomfort which can be ranging […]

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How to Treat Toothache

A toothache can range from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain and we offer treatment options to solve both A toothache is often a symptom of a bigger problem in the mouth that will need to be addressed, or the problem may get worse, and treatment becomes more complicated and expensive. Most Common Causes of […]

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How to Treat Teeth Stain

Nobody likes yellow teeth! Tooth discoloration are common occurrences that can happen due to a variety of reasons. Don’t worry! These stains are treatable and preventable. Most Common Causes of Yellow Teeth Persistent stains from drinking coffee, tea and red wine develop over years and often leave your smile looking dull and discoloured. However, they […]

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How to Treat Short Teeth

You may have bigger-than-average teeth, or you might have smaller-than-average teeth. But don’t worry! You can choose the perfect size, shape and colour of your teeth with veneers. Most Common Reasons for Oddly Shaped or Sized Teeth Genetics There some individuals that are not only having a short tooth, but they also have smaller tooth […]

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How to Treat Missing Tooth

Having missing tooth or gaps can impact you’re eating, speaking and smiling. Naturally, it makes the person conscious of his/her own appearance and impacts their self-confidence. It can make them hide their smile or stop socialising entirely to save themselves from the embarrassment. Most Concerns with Having a Missing Tooth Moving Teeth Tooth decay affects […]

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