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3D Printer

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates an object from a digital design.

In 2009, industrial 3D printing patents started expiring, leading to the birth of the first desktop 3D printer. It has been used in various companies specifically in dental to improved dental treatment efficiency.

In Casa Dental, we use our 3D printer to fabricate:

  1. Implant surgical guides
  2. For treatment planning
  3. Models for records
  4. Splints, retainers, and other appliances

Surgical Guide

Surgical guide is a device that we use to facilitate proper dental implant positioning and angulation. It is basically a transfer tool, made uniquely for each individual patient, with the purpose to transfer our implant treatment plan from the drawing board to the patient during live surgery.

In order to fabricate a surgical guide, we upload clinical records such as 3D digital imaging (CBCT) and virtual impression of your oral anatomy into a dental implant planning software. This software enables us to plan the implant surgery virtually before the day of your actual surgery. 

We transfer this ‘blueprint’ to our 3D printer, which then fabricates the surgical guide to be used for the actual surgery. Think of it as a GPS navigation device – we have a travel destination in mind, we plan the route and journey before we hop into the car, and the GPS guides the driver to the targeted destination safely as planned.

The advantages of using a dental implant surgical guide for dental implant surgery:

  1. Patient safety – reduced risk of damaging important structures such as major nerves and blood vessels.
  2. Predictability – implant surgery can be executed according to plan with higher precision and accuracy.
  3. Efficiency – Reduced surgical time means treatment can be carried out much faster.
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