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  • Matthew Chua Avatar
    Matthew Chua
    3/12/2019 - Google

    Great job by Dr Andrew Yin in the wisdom teeth extraction and after care. I took all 4 out at one go ( 2 extractions and 2 surgeries) and all went well without complication. Would... read more

    Esther Tan Avatar
    Esther Tan
    7/09/2019 - Facebook

    highly recommended... my teeth always feels completely like new every 6 months after scaling and polishing... friendly staff and friendly Dr.... well done casa dental.. and thanks Dr Yong... for making... read more

    Blade Runner Avatar
    Blade Runner
    3/09/2019 - Google

    The place is very clean and comfortable. All the appointments were scheduled with Dr. Yong. He is very patient, careful and explained all the procedures. Look forward to the next appointment.

  • Michael Jeffrey Avatar
    Michael Jeffrey
    10/01/2018 - Facebook

    I'm not exaggerate, but I give 9/10 for my visit, indeed is cheap from what I saw on internet, can do partial payment, and last but not least, Dr Jennifer Hoang is a very polite,... read more

    Ruth Song Avatar
    Ruth Song
    3/12/2019 - Google

    Dr Chan was very patient and thorough about making sure my crown fit. He’s friendly, warm and makes sure I’m ok throughout the process. Happy to recommend him.

    Weelian Soh Avatar
    Weelian Soh
    3/04/2019 - Google

    My first experience with CASA Dental Ang Mo Kio and I am very pleased with their service and professionalism. Dr. Chan performed an extraction of my upper incisor for an implant. He took great care... read more

  • Geraldine Lek Avatar
    Geraldine Lek
    11/12/2018 - Google

    Came to Dr Chi for an emergency cracked tooth. He was very patient and understanding of the pain I was going through. And this happened just before the holiday season when I was going overseas.... read more

    Aishah Hayes Avatar
    Aishah Hayes
    12/01/2018 - Google

    Had my braces done with Dr Jasmine here and she’s really nice. Even the staffs here were nice and helpful with any inquiries I had or regarding my appointments. Recommended a few of my friends... read more

    shirlyn ong Avatar
    shirlyn ong
    3/23/2019 - Google

    Have always been afraid of visiting the dentist, but had to remove a wisdom tooth surgically today. Was in the treatment room for 10 mins max, 100% pain free and Dr Rocky was super calm... read more

  • Firdaus Jusoh Avatar
    Firdaus Jusoh
    6/17/2019 - Facebook

    Had a bad toothache and found kut that it was my wisdom tooth.

    The process was smooth and everything was well explained.

    Went back to them again today due to my swelling gum and they did a...
    read more

    Anron Koh Avatar
    Anron Koh
    2/13/2019 - Google

    Visited Casa Dental several times for my wisdom tooth extraction and follow-ups, and my experience has been great thus far.

    I was attended by Dr Chan for my consultation and extraction procedures. He is very friendly...
    read more

    Charlotte Lim Avatar
    Charlotte Lim
    11/12/2018 - Google

    Dr Chan helped me in extracting 4 of my teeth in preparation for metal braces and he was very reassuring throughout the whole process and as a result I didn't experience much discomfort during the... read more

  • emodoll emodoll Avatar
    emodoll emodoll
    12/01/2018 - Google

    Time flies fast with Invisalign.. already on my last aligner.. Dr. Jasmine is very friendly and sweet.. the whole journey was pain free and hustle free.. thank you Dr. Jasmine for giving me beautiful smile.. =D

    Clement Chan Avatar
    Clement Chan
    3/20/2019 - Facebook

    I had a terrible toothache one day and went down to AMK without an appointment. The clinic made an arrangement for me to go down in the evening. Dr Chan was able to... read more

    Ayuu Zaidii Avatar
    Ayuu Zaidii
    6/26/2019 - Facebook

    Went here for my. Boy tooth problem. The dentist was very nice and not too forget receptionist lily was very polite!

  • Izz Ali Avatar
    Izz Ali
    3/12/2019 - Google

    I had a very bad toothache in the morning and decided to go to the nearest dental clinic.

    Since it’s my first time here, I wasn’t sure of the cost of the procedures and the causes...
    read more

    Nettia Seet Avatar
    Nettia Seet
    1/12/2019 - Google

    Doctor Celine is very professional and efficient in her work. She will also explained the actions she is doing to ensure I am clear what is going on. Has been going to her... read more

    Stephanie K Avatar
    Stephanie K
    2/12/2019 - Google

    Went in to get my teeth checked and cleaned by Dr. Yong, who was very thorough with his explanations for procedures and made sure I didn't have an infection in my gums by verifying with... read more

  • Phil Dugg Avatar
    Phil Dugg
    1/01/2019 - Google

    Dr Jasmine was very friendly and professional and she really helped me to understand the benefits of invisaslign

    David Tan Avatar
    David Tan
    Casa Dental
    3/12/2019 - Google

    Going to the dentist for both dental implants as well as the crowning of my teeth (2 of them in fact!) can be daunting at first, as I have never gone to a dentist for... read more

    Xuan Ding Avatar
    Xuan Ding
    3/16/2019 - Google

    Did tooth implant with Casa Dental and it was the best dental experience I had. Doctor Chan made me feel very comfortable and he was very assuring so I felt I was in good hands... read more

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Invisalign, also known as clear-aligner treatment, are orthodontic devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth



A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor.



A dental makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as: Dental veneers, Composite bonding, Tooth implants, Teeth whitening



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