New Technology We Use: State-of-the-Art Sterilization

We regard infection control a high priority to provide the best comfort as well as cleanliness for the well-being of our patients. At Casa Dental, We use Vacuclav 41B+ MELAG, made in Germany. The steriliser we are using is able to:

  1. Sterilise wrapped instruments thoroughly in just 17 minutes
    • Ensures that there will be no compromise in pacing our sterilisation and guarantees that the patient will not use unsterilised dental instruments
  2. Sterilisation standard is comparable to hospital-based autoclaves
    • Ensures that our patients enjoy the cleanest and most hygienic instruments during their appointments

In addition to regular autoclaving procedure, we also use various machines such as Assistina 301 plus, ultrasonic bath and sterile pouch wrapping:

  1. Ensures the dirt particles are loosened and removed thoroughly
  2. Each instrument is individually packed before placing them into the autoclave machine
    • Ensures that the steriliser will be able to disinfect the instruments efficiently.

All the nurses are trained to practise good infection control in the clinic. Dental chairs are properly disinfected after each patient. Thorough sterilisation of the clinical rooms and dental chairs are carried out at the start and at the end of the day so patients at Casa so patients can relax and enjoy the treatments provided by the dentists.