What Is Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment, involves removal of nerve tissues (pulp) within a tooth. This procedure is necessary if the pulp becomes unhealthy, infected or dead. Several conditions can lead to disease of the pulp – dental decay, recurrent decay under existing filling, tooth damage due to trauma, tooth grinding, crack teeth, or even gum disease. These give rise to symptoms such as: sensitivity to hot/cold, pain on biting or persistent toothache. Successful root canal treatment allows us to eliminate pain, and most importantly, retain our teeth.

You will need an assessment to determine whether root canal treatment is appropriate for you. An x-ray may be required at the initial consultation. This will give us valuable information for diagnostic purpose and also to plan for effective treatment.

Common FAQs

What happens after root canal treatment?

In most cases a new restoration is required. We strongly recommend patients to have a full cuspal coverage restoration over your root canal treated tooth i.e. crown, to protect the remaining tooth structure, and also to seal off the tooth from bacteria.

Will root canal treatment be painful?

Local anaesthetic (numbing) is used to eliminate discomfort. Normal routine can be resumed after root canal treatment.

Financial Consideration

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The cost of root canal treatment ranges from $350-$900, depending on:

  1. Complexity of case
  2. Which tooth it is – front tooth, premolar, or molar

Your dentist will advise you of the total cost at the time of assessment.

Can I use medisave to pay for root canal treatment?

Non-surgical root canal treatment cannot be funded by medisave according to MOH guidelines.

Can the treatment be subsidised under Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)?

Yes but not in full. There is subsidy from CHAS depending on which tier you belong to.

Blue Tier – Anterior 164, Premolar 210, Molar 256.50

Orange Tier – Anterior 109.50, Premolar 140.00, Molar 170.50

PG – Anterior 174, Premolar 220, Molar 266.5

Stages of Root Canal Treatments

There are two main stages for root canal treatment:

Stage 1: Cleaning and Shaping of The Canals

Your dentist will locate all the canals within the tooth; and remove any damaged, diseased or dead pulp inside the roots of your tooth. The tooth is then medicated and a temporary filling placed over.

Stage 2: Root Canal Filling

The remaining canal space is then filled. This is to seal off the root canal system.