New Technology We Use: High Magnification Dentistry

Our dentists are equipped with dental loupes. We often have more than one pair of dental loupes with different magnifications for different procedures. Surgeons in hospital operating theatres from heart surgeon to brain surgeon also wear loupes to help with the precision of their work.

Why is it important Your Dentist Wear Loupes: 

Magnification dentistry is the use of special lens such as dental loupes to give very high magnification for dental procedures. In a job where the size of the area we work with is measured in millimetres, precision is important.

Many procedures in our work scope, requires precise vision to improve the success rate of our treatments. Simple job such as a deep dental filling, are microns away from the nerve before the drill touches the nerve. With dental loupes we can often see the outline and can try to avoid irritating the nerve.

Other procedures such as Root Canal Treatment, requires dentists to find the little nerve canal inside a tooth. Usually, the canals are very narrow, closely packed together and sometimes even curves at an awkward angle. Dental loupes help to magnify the area we work with and ensure we find the little canals inside the tooth.

Dental Loupes also comes with very strong lighting – this is very important when we are working in what is essentially a dark environment. Traditional surgery lights work reasonably well, but are often not strong enough for microscopic work, and also can leave a shadow if not placed at the correct angle.