New Technology We Use: Digital X-rays

Our dental clinics are fully digitized. We have our own latest KODAK 8000C OPG and CEPH to provide radiographic examination. It has the least radiation and allows digitisation of x-ray images for quicker and more accurate results. There is also no waiting time as results are transmitted immediately so that the patient can view the x-ray on a monitor attached to the dental chair.

Benefits of Digital Imaging

Save Time

Direct digital X-ray imaging saves time as Images appear on-screen within seconds after the exposure and are immediately available for diagnosis anywhere in the practice network.

No Retake Needed

Imaging process is not sensitive to external factors unlike film based imaging. Since film, film processing and darkroom are no longer needed, the most common reasons for image retakes are eliminated.

Enhanced Clearer Imaging

Digital images can be enhanced in imaging software. This brings new opportunities in diagnostics and allows adjustment of the image darkness and contrast if they are not optimal in the original image.


Digital archives and networks enable efficient image communications. Electronic image copies are of original quality and thus the highest quality image is always available for diagnostics and consultation.